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Daily Exercise Routine — Why You Have To Have It

If I had to give up all my daily routines but one, without any hesitation I would keep my daily exercise routine. I have been riding a year long streak of exercising daily, and the benefits to my life have been extraordinary. I wrote about how I adopted a daily exercise […]

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Personal Development

Sometimes You Need To Cheat on Your Goals, Not Your Routine

One of my daily habits is to write for 30 minutes everyday. Like with many habits constancy matters the most because it is so hard to attain. You must do everything to ensure you don’t lose your momentum. Today I want to share with you what I do to keep […]

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Traveling Italy And Turkey With Our 3 and 6 Year-Olds

Almost a year ago I realized that I needed to spend more quality time with my family. To accomplish this goal I  came up with actionable items. I have been consciously taking these actions and I feel much better about  the time I spend with the people who are most […]

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4 Easy Steps To Flossing Everyday

Why Floss?  1)  Flossing prevents tartar built up. Flossing allows you to remove the plaque that causes tartar while it is in its early form. 2) It prevents other serious diseases. Research has shown that the bacteria that flourish in an unhealthy mouth can harm the rest of the body. […]

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Extremely Motivating 50 Personal Growth Quotes

I believe in building momentum, making consistent daily steps to achieve big goals instead of counting on motivation to accomplish a goal. This does not mean I don’t value motivation at all.  The fact is that we have a limited amount of motivation and therefore we need to use our […]

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Personal Development

Systematically Investing In Your Personal Growth

Motivation is like sugar, you like having it when you have it but when you don’t you definitely feel the absence of it. For this reason I do everything I can to NOT rely on having daily motivation.

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Time Management Quotes To Inspire You Everyday

Let These Time Management Quotes Motivate You Everyday: It is not that we don’t value time, we just flow with time without noticing it and then there is never enough of it. Pleasure comes with seeing our achievements, the work we’ve done during our lifetime. We do this work for our families, […]

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You Can Have An Extra 2 Hours Every Day To Achieve Your Goals

Focus on building that routine  I started achieving more when I stopped making the end result (the goal) the focal point of the things I did, and instead started focusing on the routine. My focus turned to planning out how I could build daily habits that would allow me to reach my […]

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10 Things Achieved Through The Power Of Habits In Less Than A Year

  I have been upgrading myself for the last 8 months through adopting habits that are making me healthier and happier. I’ve already started sharing practical ways to adopt these habits that worked for me. Here is a list of things I accomplished  in less than a year:   I […]

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Adopting Habits To Spend More Quality Time With Your Family

Am I spending enough quality time with my family?  It was a brutal NO when I answered my own question: Was I spending quality time with the people I love most? How often do you think about that question? Where do you stand? Just to be very clear – I […]

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